Our Features

Our biodigesters and solar systems boasts of the following features.

100% useful byproducts

100% useful byproducts

The biodigester produces combustible biogas and an effluent organic fertiliser.

Short payback period

Short payback period

The payback period of our biodigesters and solar systems is 1-2 years.

Flexible payment plan

Flexible payment plan

You can pay for the biodigester in installments using savings gained using the biodigester. The biodigester can pay for itself.

We really love what we do & our work on every project truly reflects that.


Our presales service consists of first customer identification and validation of the customer details. we do a quick assessment and we work out the biodigester/solar system that best suite them. We calculate the cost and time for project completion.Finally we submit payment details to the customer.


We design customized biodigester and solar systems to ensure you get the most out of your system.


We have an experienced team of professional builders and electricians who will ensure you the project meets deadlines and product meet specification


We have provide biodigester and solar system education to our consumers.We do follow up audits to ensure customer satisfaction and offer free consulting services to our clients.

Services that we provide.

Biodigester Construction

We have the capacity to construct a large range of biodigester sizes and differing designs. Using modern engineering techniques we construct state of the art biodigester systems that are both engineering and asthetically sound.


Through our Electrical department we install Solar system that is either connected to the grid or is a standalone system.


Our Research and Development division offers consulting services and are always collecting data and improving the quality of products we offer. You can be sure to get the best consulting with us.

Our Offers

We offer two payment options for the payment plans to our clients.

  • 6m3   $950
  • 9m3     $1250
  •  15m3     $1500
  • 21m3     $2200

  • Basic Home(1Kw) $1300
  • Standard Home(3Kw) $2250
  • Standard Elite(4Kw) $2950
  • Premium(5Kw) $6600

  • Biogas Heaters installation
  • Biogas Generator Service
  • Biogas and Solar control systems
  • Waste management